Cushing Terrell Promotes Team Members to Associate Principal

New APs demonstrate leadership in the growth of the firm’s residential and government markets

Multidisciplinary design firm, Cushing Terrell, is proud to announce the promotion of two team members to the role of associate principal: Josh Hersel, based in Boise, Idaho, and Shawn Pelowitz, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the growth of their markets — residential and government respectively — and in their ability to develop trusted advisor roles with their clients, enhancing the firm’s reputation and visibility in key urban areas.

“Josh and Shawn have shown great skill and drive in their work to serve our clients and continually progress the work of our teams,” President Greg Matthews said. “Both are committed to building teams capable of delivering great projects and continually ensuring we have the best knowledge and expertise to design for and meet the fluctuating needs of markets and clients.”

Meet Cushing Terrell’s New Associate Principals

Josh Hersel, NCARB | Architect | Multifamily Residential Director | Associate Principal

Josh Hersel serves as a director of Cushing Terrell’s residential design studio with a primary focus on multifamily and mixed-use projects. Hersel has been with Cushing Terrell for 17 years, and in addition to residential projects, he has led commercial and hospitality design work, melding best practices from across these markets into his current work.

“With long-term comprehensive planning and strategic partnerships, we can realize projects that foster community and enhance the places we live, work, and play,” Hersel said. “We want to help create destinations that bolster local businesses while ensuring equitable urban development that is responsive to context and leverages adaptive reuse opportunities.”

“Josh is known for managing strong teams and developing beneficial relationships with industry partners to realize successful projects that have long-term benefits for our cities and communities,” Matthews said. “With the ongoing need for affordable housing, our multifamily team — with Josh at its helm — can make a big impact when it comes to smart urban development.”

Shawn Pelowitz, AIA, LEED AP, DBIA | Architect | Government Director | Associate Principal

Shawn Pelowitz serves as a director of Cushing Terrell’s government design studio. He has 30 years of experience working for the U.S. military and government agencies across the globe, including the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. General Services Administration. Through this experience as an architect, Pelowitz has in-depth and intuitive knowledge of how government agencies operate and how to best support them through design.

Pelowitz has been with Cushing Terrell for seven years, during which time he not only co-led the government group, but also established the firm’s office in Minneapolis — standing up a team and building a client base. “I’m proud to see the growth we’ve accomplished in our government work and the success of the Minneapolis office,” Pelowitz said. “Starting from scratch is both challenging and liberating, and I like to think we’ve hit our stride and found our place in the region.”

Pelowitz added: “When it comes to serving as an associate principal for the firm, I want to leverage what we do best, but also bring a new dimension to our work, entering new spaces and finding new ways to bring our multidisciplinary talents to clients. I’m passionate about leveraging efficient processes and data-driven design to understand history, context, and future needs so we can free up our creative energies to be innovators in the design world.”

“Shawn has provided significant leadership in growing and diversifying our government work and in building strategic relationships that have opened up new opportunities for us in this market sector,” Matthews said. “It’s been a pleasure to see him inspire and empower his team to new heights.”

About Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opens the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity. This foundation continues to define the firm and its multidisciplinary team today. Driven by empathy, the team works to design systems and spaces that help people live their best lives and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. With more than 450 team members and expertise across the commercial, education, government, healthcare, infrastructure, residential, and retail markets, the firm has offices in Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, and Washington. For more information about Cushing Terrell, visit