Cushing Terrell Promotes Eight Team Members to Associate Principal

New APs reflect the firm’s regional diversity and breadth of market experience

Cushing Terrell, a multi-disciplinary architecture, engineering, and interior design firm, is proud to announce the promotion of eight team members to the role of associate principal. The team members come from across the firm’s locations and serve clients in a variety of markets, including commercial, education, healthcare, government, residential, and retail.

“The individuals we’ve named as associate principals are exceptional leaders known for their insight and expertise, as well as for building the best teams capable of delivering on our clients’ design goals,” President Greg Matthews says. “Promoting new team members to high-level positions is key to bringing fresh voices and diverse perspectives to our decision making, helping us grow as a firm. Congratulations to all!”

Meet Cushing Terrell’s New Associate Principals

Karl DeCock is an architect and project manager based in Billings, Montana. He has been with Cushing Terrell for 17 years, with his primary focus in the realm of healthcare design. A few of his key clients include SCL Health, Billings Clinic, and Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

With the goal of building a deep knowledge and competency base across the firm, his expertise includes vision planning, project manager development, and mentorship. In addition to supporting his team members in their professional development, he says continuous improvement is also a driver. “I am always looking for the next thing to challenge and stretch me, both personally and professionally.”

Nick Doherty serves as director of refrigeration engineering and is located in Missoula, Montana. In addition to his 15 years of experience in refrigeration design and advanced refrigeration technologies, Nick is a project manager and serves on Cushing Terrell’s Equity by Design team, helping to ensure team members have the support they need to grow in their chosen career paths.

He says: “My goal is to build dynamic teams that respond effectively in our constantly evolving industry and client base; teams that drive change to improve process, communications, and efficiencies that enhance the systems we design and implement.”

A project manager and architect, Laura Dougherty leads our Denver design studio. She has been with Cushing Terrell for 12 years, was instrumental in establishing our team in Denver, and bills herself as a “Jill of all trades.” Laura’s expertise covers a wide variety of project types and markets from healthcare and education to multi-family residential and data centers.

Having grown up on and around military bases, she says, “I have a deep appreciation for ‘underdog architecture’ — utilitarian structures and materials that do exactly what you need them to.”

Nicole Dovel-Moore is an architect, project manager, and design studio lead for the firm’s new location in Caldwell, a 30-minute drive from Boise, Idaho. Nicole has been with Cushing Terrell for 11 years and specializes in retail design, supporting a sophisticated, ever-changing market. Her experience comprises site analysis, interior and exterior concepts, permitting, construction administration, and more.

Nicole says she appreciates the “dual yet complimentary nature of the firm — team collaboration combined with individual excellence, rural and urban locations, knowledgeable and inquisitive, high-design melded with efficient, effective production.” Nicole is a Green Globes accredited professional and has plans to join the City of Caldwell Design Review Board.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Kara Eberle is an architect, project manager, and Equity by Design team lead who has been with the firm for nine years. She is known for her exceptional client care, serving as designer and trusted advisor for clients from the initial design phase through project completion and beyond. She specializes in the retail and commercial markets with a particular focus on gourmet grocery stores and workplaces for high-tech clients.

She says: “I love to use my skills as a team builder to bridge the gap between the goals of our clients and the jurisdictional and site constraints unique to each project. I look at projects from a client’s perspective, collaborating with the full design team to provide holistic solutions.”

James Foster is an architect responsible for leading Cushing Terrell’s thriving office in Austin, Texas. He has been with the firm for 15 years, with his primary focus on design and business development for the commercial, industrial, and advanced technology sectors. His passion is driving design thinking and human-centered design innovation across the firm.

Speaking to Cushing Terrell’s empathetic design philosophy, he says: “Our teams are at the forefront of design to improve people’s lives in ways that are equally committed to caring for the planet.”

Anthony Houtz has a tenure of 13 years with Cushing Terrell and is an architect and project manager. Tony places an emphasis on truly authentic architecture that goes beyond buildings and spaces and centers on relationship building in the design process. “The better relationships we create with our clients, teams, and people who use the spaces we design, the more architecture comes to life,” he says.

He has worked alongside great technical architects and an array of creative contractors, and this variety of perspectives has helped enable his pursuit of authentic design solutions. Tony serves on the AIA Montana Board of Directors.

An architect and project manager, Fran Quiram is based in Kalispell, Montana, and has been with Cushing Terrell for 13 years. Her work spans almost every market the firm touches, including residential, government, healthcare, education, and commercial. “I love working on a variety of project types as there are always commonalities, but a uniqueness about each one that keeps things interesting,” she says.

Her goal with each project is to make the process enjoyable and memorable for the client, project partners, and design team. For Fran, “there is nothing more rewarding than a repeat client who values our service and commitment and could not see working with any other firm.”

About Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opens the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity. This foundation continues to define the firm and its multi-disciplinary team today. Driven by empathy, the team works to design systems and spaces that help people live their best lives, achieve their visions, and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. With more than 375 team members and expertise across the commercial, education, government, healthcare, residential, and retail markets, the firm has offices in Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minneapolis, Montana, Texas, and Washington. For more information about Cushing Terrell, visit