Cushing Terrell in Minneapolis: “You betcha”-backed design

Hailing from diverse offices across the Unites States — from the mountain region to major metros — our teams showcase the very best in multi-disciplinary collaboration. Whether the expertise comes from one location or multiple, we work with our clients to design responsible, imaginative, first-of-their-kind environments. For a little local flair, we’re highlighting our office teams, showcasing their capabilities and culture.

When we think of the Midwest character, we often think of people who are laid back, amenable, modest, and beer-loving. Our team in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is this and so much more. They break the mold when it comes to stereotypes, and are leading the way in both traditional markets and new ventures.

Established five years ago, Minneapolis is one of our newer locations. Originally a one-person operation, the office grew quickly with an influx of engineering talent available at the time.

Located in a renovated historic warehouse in the heart of North Loop, our Minneapolis office is a backdrop that inspires creativity.

“Cushing Terrell always had the vision of a Minneapolis office and Midwest expansion,” says office lead Shawn Pelowitz, who also co-leads our government services group. “It’s a major hub for both retail and commercial clients, so a good fit for us.”

Pelowitz just happens to be the person who established our presence in Minneapolis. A former civilian with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he was brought on board for his government expertise as the firm was expanding in this market. Soon after, we brought on engineering talent, boosting our capabilities. This was the beginning of what would become a diverse team brought together by a shared passion for client service and… food!

“We like to be outdoors, visit neighboring craft breweries, and seem to always start and end conversations about food,” says Rebecca Molldrem, an architect with a focus on sustainable design.

Known for their team “sketch-outs,” our Minneapolis colleagues take their sketch pads to the streets to explore the artistry of their city.

Located in the North Loop neighborhood (also called the Warehouse District), the office is part of what is described as a “thriving urban playground” with businesses, shops, restaurants, and entertainment all nestled together among converted, historic warehouses. Known for its food culture and for being one of the hippest places in the city, it’s pretty much perfect for this team.

A commonality across our offices is our love of the charrette — bringing together team members for collaborative design sessions aimed at coming up with inspired solutions that can be implemented in the real world.

Perhaps surprisingly, our Minneapolis crew is international and cosmopolitan in terms of the work they do. Primarily providing architectural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services, this office supports domestic retail and commercial clients, but also drives much of our international pursuits and work for government clients, including the Department of Defense, in locations such as the United Arab Emirates, Guam, and South Korea.

In Minneapolis, we’re proud to work with big names in retail and grocery who do so much to support the community and culture in the area, including Target and Hy-Vee. We had the great opportunity to support Target on one of the largest remodel efforts by a U.S. company, and this client has continued to influence our business with many of our team members devoted to Target projects across the country.

There’s something you should know about the Midwest… they find humor (and retail opportunities) from unconventional sources. We call that an entrepreneurial spirit!

Like many of our teams, our Minneapolis colleagues work and play together. Something you’ll hear quite often: “Anyone want to grab lunch?” Their outings also include team sketch-outs, bike rides, pub crawls, and site visits to inspiring places. They’re also known for bringing their dogs to work. Beyond just making it a great place to work, they need to keep their feet warm in the winter!

Togetherness extends to the community and industry organizations they’re involved with, such as Mile in My Shoes, the AIA Minnesota Architecture in Schools Committee, and the St. Louis Park Emergency Program.





Our goal is to strategically grow and continually provide our clients with the Cushing Terrell experience, which we feel sets us apart. We also have that strong Midwest work ethic, but we might not say it, because Midwest folks don’t like to talk about themselves!
Rebecca Molldrem, architect

One of our 14 office locations, Minneapolis works closely with our teams in other states to support local and national clients, providing a range of services, including architecture; electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration engineering; energy services; and sustainability related work.

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