Design at the intersection of health, wellness, and retail

Consumers are time-conscious, and at the same time, they’re shifting to a lifestyle defined by health and wellness. As a result, the concept of well-being is taking on a whole new meaning in the world of retail. Today’s retailers are looking to strike a balance between efficient shopping and the desire to slow down, indulge, and connect. Thus, in this age of convenience, retail design must meet consumers where they are, both physically and emotionally, throughout their shopping journey....

Retail in 2019: Experience is everything

It’s 2019 and the retail landscape is dynamic, complex, and exciting. In late 2016, we saw headlines pronouncing “retail is dead.” 2017 continued the “retail apocalypse” narrative, while 2018 brought positive progression in the “retail revolution.” As we enter 2019, we emerge into a full transformation to "new retail" where experience is everything, blending physical and digital environments. The radical move to new retail is the product of rapid change in this market influenced by evolvin...