Three Ways to Keep Costs Down While Building Material Prices Are Up

With material costs reaching local maximums, it’s time to get creative and think beyond the steel and lumber we know and love. Price spikes like we're currently facing result in a number of challenges for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. But backorders and shortages don’t have to mean pausing or cancelling a project; rather, they may simply mean making smart, conscious design decisions that support sustainable and efficient development. So why not revisit our mo...

Sustainable Design Solutions for Delicate Natural Environments

Future-proofing our protected lands Few countries can boast having the range of natural environments that we do in the United States. From the rocky peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Gulf Coast wetlands — and all of the national monuments that dot the landscape in between — these scenic places are the stuff of great field trips, road trips, and vacations. But if we want to continue making these great American memories, it’s up to those tasked with the maint...