Integrated Project Delivery: A Cooperative Approach

The integrated design project delivery method can preempt issues by establishing early and frequent collaboration. Predictability isn’t a given in the AEC world. Designers, engineers, and general contractors gather estimates, build schedules, and procure materials to gain as much certainty as they can before a project launches. Countless factors can derail even the most detailed plans, however. Supply chain issues, labor availability, or pandemics can throw plans into dis...

Town & Country Mill Creek Renovation: Where Convenience Meets Exploration

Seattle-based grocery chain offers up inspiration — and finds some of its own. Like our daily routes in life — efficiently mapped out according to the location of jobs, schools, and activities — trips to the grocery store often follow a predictable pattern. First stop: the produce section for salad greens; right turn to the frozen food aisle for a quick dinner item; loop around to the bakery section for a loaf of bread or dinner rolls; then a bee line to the check-out sta...