Seven Key Student Needs and the Design Tools to Support Them

When we design learning environments, we must start with the needs of the users — the students and staff who will occupy the spaces. Through design, we have a great opportunity to dig deeper and employ tools and strategies that positively influence the mental and social health of the people within the building. Are the spaces we design inclusive? Does the environment support a student’s ability not only to learn, but also to thrive? Consider what we’ve learned from research in the areas...

Designing Educational Facilities for the Next Generation of Healthcare Workers

There are an estimated 175,900 job openings for registered nurses each year through 2029 — and these are not positions our country or communities want to leave unfilled. The figure comes from a 2019 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it highlights the need to continue building this essential workforce. It also correlates to building and updating learning facilities to best train healthcare workers so they can step into their fields well prepared to keep the nation safe. It’...