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Leading the Charge (and the Change)

Working to advance holistic environmental sustainability, the Cushing Terrell Green Advocacy Council (GAC) serves as a collective knowledge and resource base for our firm and our clients.

New program invites young designers to interrogate experts — up first, David Salmela

Design Principal David Koel, an architect for 26 years, is a curious guy. He channels his hunger for knowledge into learning opportunities — from reading to investigation to simply asking a zillion questions of people who know things he doesn't. (This especially comes out in his many discussions with clients.) But Koel doesn't learn in a vacuum — and he thinks asking questions should not only be encouraged but given center stage at a design- and knowledge-centric place like Cushing Terr

A dialysis center with a difference

Over the course of working with Billings Clinic for 20 years, one thing’s been abundantly clear — this client puts patients first. This philosophy can sometimes mean taking the time to rethink how we design healthcare facilities and the patient experience within them. The new Billings Clinic Dialysis Center in Montana is a good example of knowing when it’s time to change things up. Opened in late July, the center is a partnership between Billings Clinic and Dialysis Clinic, Inc., one of the l

Education team bringing ‘super studio’ to Austin’s Waterloo School

Jim Beal and Corey Johnson (principals and co-leaders of CTA's Education studio), along with architect Alex Bingham and interior designer Sandi Rudy, are designing Austin, Texas's new Waterloo School. The private high school has core values of Belonging, Mentorship, Restoration, Complexity, Flourishing, Growth, and Generosity; and will focus on incorporating the city of Austin as a classroom. Recently, the team presented a design charrette and used an Oculus immersive VR experience to a

Cushing Terrell in Austin: ATX-tremely connected

Hailing from diverse offices across the US, our teams showcase the very best in multi-disciplinary collaboration. Whether the expertise comes from one location or multiple, we work with clients to design responsible, imaginative, first-of-their-kind environments.

Behind the Design: Rebecca Muchow, Architect in Minneapolis

Pull back the curtain and get to know the people behind the design. The solutions we bring to our clients and communities are brought to you by an incredible team of creative, passionate individuals devoted to delivering better built environments — places that support healthy, productive, sustainable ways of living. #PeoplePassions

Design at the intersection of health, wellness, and retail

Consumers are time-conscious, and at the same time, they’re shifting to a lifestyle defined by health and wellness. As a result, the concept of well-being is taking on a whole new meaning in the world of retail. Today’s retailers are looking to strike a balance between efficient shopping and the desire to slow down, indulge, and connect. Thus, in this age of convenience, retail design must meet consumers where they are, both physically and emotionally, throughout their shopping journey.